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J.L. Parker Plumbing and Children’s Health




For more than a decade, J.L. Parker Plumbing has proudly supported the mission of Children’s Health, which is to make life better for children.  Children’s Health is one of the finest pediatric healthcare providers in the United States, with a constant focus on maintaining the highest standard of pediatric care, pursuing innovative research and community health programs, and keeping a close eye on fiscal responsibility, especially as the cost of health care continues to rise. As a private, not-for-profit healthcare organization, Children’s is supported in part by governmental and private insurance. Though this helps to cover the direct cost of pediatric health care, it is only with philanthropic support from generous donors that Children’s Health funds special programs and projects that improve the overall healthcare experience and research that aims to make life better for all children.



Our support began after watching a few families near and dear to us face the challenge of caring for one terminally ill child and another trying to overcome rare cancer.  In response to the hardships that we witnessed while visiting the hospital, J.L. Parker Plumbing established an  Endowment Fund supporting Indigent Family Assistance.



Many families rush to bring their child to the Emergency Department with little to spare, and many parents are unprepared for an extended hospital stay.  Some may have faced economic hardship prior to their child’s illness or injury, and the added costs associated with their child’s medical care can be difficult or impossible to manage without outside intervention.  To help these families focus more on helping their children heal – rather than the stresses of financial difficulty – the Social Work team at Children’s Health manages the Indigent Family Assistance Fund, which provides financial support for qualified families to obtain essential items, including meals, child safety devices such as car seats, medications and medical supplies, clothing, transportation, and lodging while their child receives care at Children’s. More than $100,000 is distributed to patient families each year throughout the healthcare system.



Please join the J.L. Parker Plumbing Family in their efforts to care for families in need by contributing to Children’s Health. Click here for more information about Children’s and how to donate, or you may contact Children’s Foundation directly at 214-456-8360.